Private Fee Guide

Standard fees as of 1st July 2017.

Every individual is different and each individual treatment is different. The prices quoted below can only be used as a guide. Your dentist will be happy to give you a full quote for the treatment you require.

A discount of up to 20% can be obtained if you join our practice membership scheme. Membership starts from £15.15 per month.


New Patient Examination (Including X-Rays) £70.00
Routine Examination £37.60
Examination to Diagnose Pain £39.20
Small X-Ray £8.40
Panoral X-Ray £30.00
Study Models £38.00
Scale & Polish £26.80
Hygienist Session £53.75

Fillings (Amalgam)

Small £62.00
Medium £82.00
Large £105.00

Fillings (White)

Small £84.00
Medium £105.00
Large £130.00

Root Fillings

Single Root £159.00
Two Roots £205.00
Three or more Roots £313.00


Standard Porcelain Bonded £385.00
Intermediate Aesthetic £395.00
High Tech (All Ceramic) £412.00
60% Yellow Gold Price on application
Cast Gold Post £59.00
Core Build Up £53.50
Composite Post £68.00


60% Yellow Gold Price on application
Porcelain £400.00
Porcelain Veneer £360.00

Bridges (per unit)

Standard Porcelain Bonded £320.00
High Tech £412.00
Adhesive Bridge £225.00
60% Yellow Gold Price on application


Acrylic Full Upper & Lower £600.00
Acrylic Full Upper or Lower £420.00
Acrylic Partial Denture £395.00
Metal (Cobalt/Chrome) Partial Denture £620.00
Soft Lining £82.00
Denture Relining £74.00
Tooth Addition £74.00

Tooth Whitening

Home Whitening Kit (per arch) £225.00


Planned £81.40
Emergency £84.00
Surgical Extraction £84.00
Implants Price on application

Gum Shields

Single Colour Sports Mouthguard £55.75
Striped Sports Mouthguard £62.00
Special Feature Mouthguard £70.00
Soft Splint £65.00
Stabilisation Splint £450.00